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CTI Data Connector 5

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Handset - Mirage uaCSTA Cloud Connect

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Mirage uaCSTA Cloud Connect offers a direct connection to the Mirage Cloud service . A local installation of the CTI Data Connector - TAPI Link is not required.



VOIP with special handset (Windows and MAC OS)

VOIP with special handset (Windows and MAC OS)



Handsets for Mirage Mirage uaCSTA Cloud Connect

Mirage uaCSTA Cloud Connect is a special service which works with handsets supporting the uaCSTA protocol.








300, 320, 360, 370, 720, 760, 820, 821, 870, D710, D715, D725, D765

8.9 and newer. Some older Snom work with 8.7


T42G,  T46G, T48G - and many more - Yealink information about all supported phones. T19 is not supported

xx.82 (second number must be version 82).

Mitel (Aastra)

Mitel 68series

Mitel 68xx - v4.3.0.39 or later


any with uaCSTA support

Panasonic UT: TBC, Panasonic HDV: TBC. Comes with old Firmware. Must be updated


If your handset is not listed but comes with uaCSTA, just try if it connects.

Configure Call Center Adapter

You have to enable using an own Login ID. The Login ID in Salesforce will be your complete phone number you configure in the handset.

SoftPhone handles dialing rules must be set to Y


Configuration Handset

You have to configure the uaCSTA account in your handset


Account: your complete phone number - area code + number + extension - e.g 6462573801333. If you do not have an extension number, add a unique number per user. This account ID will be used as the Login ID in Salesforce. The ID may not contain spacers and any special character like @ #

Password: miragecloud

Registrar. The IP address to Mirage uaCSTA Cloud Connect including Port 6050 - example:

Proxy Server: Same as registrar. Configure Proxy for TCP protocol -  - example:;transport=tcp



After configuring the handdsets, open a ticket in the Support Center with the following information


Direct extension of the handset. If you configured several handsets specify all extension numbers

Your main company number including local area code


IP for Mirage uaCSTA Cloud Connect



Find below the configuration for the different handsets



First check the firmware version. It must be 8.9  or newer. For some older Snom handsets minimum version is 8.7.

Type in the IP address of the handset into the Browser.





Then add the account. You have to configure the last account (typically identity 12 or 4) with the following account details.




First check the firmware version. It must be xx.82 (second number must be version 80).

Type in the IP address of the handset into the Browser. The default user name is: admin. Default password is: admin



Then add the account. You can use account 2 or higher for the setup.



Mitel (Aastra)


Mitel cannot be configured using the web interface. You have to load a configuration file (<mac>.cfg where <mac> is the mac address of the phone)


Download sample configuration file

Change the  uaCSTA Cloud Connect Service IP address (see above)

Use the mac address of the handset as filename - e.g. 00085d0304f4.cfg

Information about Mitel CFG files


Provisioned handset by provider

If you do not have the login credentials because the pbx provider does not allow to change settings, the configuration has to be done through the device administration the pbx provider offers.


Open a ticket in the Support Center and provide the configured extensions as some providers use other IDs like user.



Possible cause of an error

Check if the phone has the        latest firmware installed


Check if uaCSTA is activated

Snom -        enable uaCSTA



You have to install CTI Data Connector SoftPhone application 5.5.051 or greater to use this functionality.





A CTI user license is required

For each CTI user license only 1 handset can be registered

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