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CTI Data Connector 5

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Install CTI Data Connector SoftPhone application

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To install the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone application (AppExchange-package), you need salesforce admistrator rights. By installing and using the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone application you agree to the Master Subscription Agreement


Release Version (5.5.138)

Click on the link to start the installation (Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited or Developer Edition )

If you are installing into a sandbox organization you must replace the initial portion of the URL with - click on the link to start the installation in a sandbox

Only if you want to dial from a campaign then use this link.




If you are using mydomain you have to replace with your login page




Login with your salesforce admin credentials

Install either for for Specific Profiles or for all users. All users will get the permission but as long as they are not assigned to the call center adapter the installation does not have any impact for this user


Update note

If you install an update you have to ensure that the following components are also updated to the latest version


If you are unsure, which CTI Data Connector SoftPhone or CTI Data Connector - TAPI Link  you have installed, just hover over the headline: CTI Data Connector in the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone. The version number is displayed.


CTI Data Connector SoftPhone application). The latest version is 5.5.138  (7/2017)

TLC (CTI Data Connector - TAPI Link). The latest version is 5.6.0. If TLC is not displayed install the latest call center adapter.




The  CTI Data Connector SoftPhone application is updated regularly. We recommend checking for updates once per month.


In case you get the error message: Custom field limit exceeded you have reached the maximum number for custom fields for activities (20 in the Salesforce Professional Edition / 100 in other Edition). CTI Data Connector for Salesforce® adds 5 new fields. Delete unused custom fields (Setup/Customize/Activities/Activity Custom Fields).


Error - custom field limit exceeded

Error - custom field limit exceeded