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CTI Data Connector 

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Traditional PBX - On-Premise

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On-Premise - traditional PBX

A traditional on-premise PBX (private branche exchange) can be connected to CTI Data Connector for Salesforce® with or without a TAPI driver.


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Traditional PBX with TAPI CTI Server (Windows)

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Server based integration with GoConnect Server (Windows and MAC OS)


Traditional PBX systems like Siemens / Unify For Siemens you can use TAPI 120 up to 8 PCs or above this number TAPI 170 or other GoConnect server. A SoftPhone with TAPI - OpenScape Client - is also available, Alcatel or Wildix often require an additional TAPI server

If you do not want to install a TAPI driver or you want to use the CTI integration on macOS, the Mondago GoConnect server can be used for some traditional PBX systems. Alternatively you can use Desk Phones explained in Cloud based PBX

If your VOIP system does not come with a TAPI driver use one of the options explained in Cloud based PBX