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All-In-One Protector 7

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Sub Projects - split a project

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Splitting a project into multiple sub projects is recommended or necessary, if


the project includes EXE files and the database size would be more than 250 MB

different file formats are mixed in one project, e.g. PDF and Video

Windows and MAC projects should share the same Serial Number

you want to 'bundle' multiple products on one CD



The following steps are necessary to built a project, which is split into one or several sub projects


Copy / Duplicate the main project


First create a main project of the application. Then copy the project (select TAB File: Copy Project)




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Check - Project is a Sub Project of the Master project



The important option is: Project is a Sub Project of the Master project . Check this option. This creates a new database which uses the same encryption and same Serial Numbers like the original database. You can have one license file and one Serial Number for all project files.




Main project name: english-course

Copy project 1: english-course-lesson1

Copy project 2: english-course-lesson2



The sub project gets the extension .aipsubproject. A sub project cannot be copied and serve as a master project

Copy all databases in a new folder

Each project will create a Publish All Media folder with the encrypted files only (no license file or player application).


Create a new folder, e.g. ..\complete project. Copy all files from your main project and the files from the sub projects into this folder. The folder content would be as follows:








Launch files

Launching or opening a file depends on the type of the main application.


Start by user

The user can just click on the EXE file or .AIPFILE file





The best solution is to use a menu application, which allows to start Lesson 1, Lesson 2 separately. This menu would be outside the All-In-One Protector project. the  See Menus.


The start command within the menu is:


englisch-course.exe -f englisch-course-lesson1.aipfile to start lesson1

englisch-course.exe -f englisch-course-lesson2.aipfile to start lesson2


List of all start options