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All-In-One Protector 7

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PDF files - protection options

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PDF Options

This screen allows you to configure the All-In-One Protector PDF Viewer options.



PDF Build Options

By default, the option: Create Windows only PDF files is checked. Each encrypted PDF file is visible as a separate file and can be opened with a double-click. If this option is unchecked, all PDF files are stored in one single .aipfile file and a menu is required, to display the files.


The option: Create Windows and MAC compatible PDF files creates encrypted PDF files which can be opened on Windows and macOS. A viewer für Windows (EXE) and MAC (.app) is added.


Do NOT encrypt PDF files - The PDF files are stored without encryption. If PDF files are invoked from PowerPoint, EXE or flash, they cannot be protected. Do not encrypt the PDF files or don't import it. ( For flash see start PDF files)

If this option is changed you have to reimport the files using the button: Read Files from Folder

Show Panes

All-In-One Protector PDF Viewer uses the language of the operating system and not the language, which is defined for the All-In-One Player in the screen - Player Options.

Example: The registration dialogues of the All-In-One Player are in English, the operating system is in Russian, then then All-In-One Protector PDF Viewer will start with Russian user interface.

Use Audio and Video inside a PDF file

It is not possible, to use an embedded audio or video file inside the PDF file but it is possible, to make a link to an audio  or video file.


Add a hyperlink in the PDF file to the audio or video file

Import all files (PDF, Audio, Video) and make the PDF file the start file

Check the Runtime Option, Extract all files


The Audio and Video files will not be protected. They run in the default player of the system.


Large PDF files

If a PDF file has more than 250 MB  file size, select the option: Use fast standard encryption . This option only uses the PDF default encryption. the PDF file can only be opened using the <%MPPDFVIEWER%.


The user gets the following files in the file explorer




The file can only be opened using the All-In-One Protector PDF Viewer or with a double-click on the .AIPPDF file.

If you use the Installation Manager, you have to additionally copy the file with the extension PDF.


This option can only be used if the project consists of one single PDF file. If the project includes additional office files, a sub project has to be created for the single large PDF file

If your PDF file has links to audio files, then you have to provide the audio file on the same folder. If you additionally select Extract all files, then all other files will be placed on the temporary folder.


Error Messages

Error messages which can appear during loading of the protected file