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All-In-One Protector 7

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License Viewer - MAC Style

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This is the default Viewer for the macOS All-In-One Player and can be configured as an option for the Windows All-In-One Player.


The License Viewer displays basic license information


Registered to (customer name)

Serial Number

License expiry date


Invoking the License Viewer: Starting the  All-In-One Player or clicking on a document while holding down the shift key

License Viewer - Trial mode

During trial period, the default customer name defined in the Basic Settings screen  is displayed. The field Serial Number is empty.

License Viewer - Full version

Once the product is activated, the name of the license holder and the Serial Number is displayed.




License Viewer - Transfer a license

Once a license is activated, a new button Transfer License appears. The user will be guided through the license transfer.




Find more details in the chapter Transfer / Move a license to a new computer