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All-In-One Protector 7

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Transfer / Move the license to a new computer

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The end user can transfer the license to a new PC. The option is available within the License Viewer.


To enable the license transfer, the following requirements are necessary:


the product must be activated (not a trial version)

an online connection is necessary

the product must be installed on the hard disk  


(USB flash drives and internal network disks will have no transfer option)


Disable license on  PC 1

Open the License Viewer (e.g. using CTRL+ALT+L)

Select the button Transfer License


Open License Viewer

Open License Viewer



The following screen will appear


Start license transfer

Start license transfer



License transfer in progress

License transfer in progress



License transfer is done

License transfer is done


Installation on a new PC = PC 2

The old Serial Number will be accepted on the new PC.


Reactivate on the old PC = PC 1

If the product is used on the old PC again, the following screen will appear.


Reactivate license  

Reactivate license


In case the Serial Number was not used on another PC, the license will be reactivated on this PC.




After the license was deactivated, you can reactivate it during the next program start as long as the Serial Number was not used on another computer

The license can be transferred multiple times between computers - Example: Transfer license from PC A to PC B. Then deactivate on PC B and activate again on PC A



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