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All-In-One Protector 7

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TAB - Activation Server

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Configure here the settings for the product activation, configure your Activation Server and access the Activation Server Administration Interface.



The Activation Server is the central point for administration of licenses - create keys, lock licenses, change activations or generate reports.


Activate copy protection

Change a license, e.g. from demo mode to full version mode

Verify Serial Numbers and Activation Keys


The Activation Server ensures that each license can be registered only once. Every transaction is logged to a database.


Optionally, keys can be transmitted to the activation server before they are applied to the license file. It is checked, whether the key was already used or not. This is to ensure that the key cannot be passed on and used multiple times.


See workflow for default options of activation.


The Activation Server is provided via a hosting model. Mirage provides installation and maintenance of the server. The hosting has to be ordered separately and there is a fee per activation. Order Hosting.


Running an own Activation Server

You can run your own server without any fee per activation.

This feature is available only in the All-In-One Protector Enterprise Edition.



Click here for system requirements of the Activation Server

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