This tutorial presents an easy way of learning how to use Licence Protector MAC Edition .  It is designed for developers and anyone else who wants to provide copy protection and licensing.


The Online Tutorial is updated frequently.





Using the help

Use the buttons home button_prev button_next in the upper right corner to browse through the online help. Small images are enlarged if you click on it.





Update / Upgrade

Update version 2.1
Update Version 1.x to version 2



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Sign an application (12/2014)
Transfer a license using EasyGo Screens (11/2014)
Transfer a license within the License Viewer (9/2014)
Subscription based software (7/2014)
Regular online checks (7/2014)
License transfer(7/2014)
License Viewer (6/2014)
EasyGo - licensing and registration screens in 22 languages (5/2014)
getCopyProtectionand getInstCode (4/2014)
PrepareInitForce - open a file and ignore errors (2/2014)
Use a USB flash drive for copy protection (11/2013)


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