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Licence Protector 5

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Send usage metrics

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Licence Protector offers the option to send usage metrics like number of trial installations or information about the computer hardware to the activation server. The feature is by default turned of and you have to enable it if you want to use it. Activation Server 6 version 5 or higher is required.


What kind of data is sent

A pre-configured data set of hardware information is sent when you enable the metrics usage.


Operating system

Platform type

Physical memory

Screen resolution

User language of the operating system

Top locations (countries)


This information is sent only once per computer even if multiple events (like install demo version) are recorded.






Events which can be recorded

The data is sent on selected events like first time installation or product activation or even during each program start.


There are a couple of pre-defined events


First installation of an application

First time a demo version is installed

First product activation of the main module. The main module is defined in the project template

First activation of any module. This allows to track the product activation of any module in the license file

Any start of the application will track how often the application was started

Any product deactivation of the main module. A deactivation is either DeactivateModule or TransferLicence


In addition to that you can record any custom program events, e.g. every time a user selects a menu item or processes a functionality you want to record.




Tracking of data

The data can be sent anonymous (recommended) or linked to a specific Serial Number. Linking the data to a serial number allows to get more insight how a specific customer is using your application.


Hosting usage

Each event counts as a transaction. It is recorded with the transaction type: Metric Data


Implementation of metrics in the source code

The implementation of the default metrics using EasyGo is quite simple


Select the events you want to record in the TAB Activation Server / Metrics

Update the modified product to the Activation Server


If you use EasyGo, the selected events including the additional data set about Windows and hardware information is automatically sent.


In addition to the default events, you can add custom events or implement the metric feature with custom activation screens.



Using metrics reports

Find more about the metrics charts and reports - Activation Server help


Your can turn on / off the usage metric with SetSignalState


This feature is only available in the Basic and Professional Edition.