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Licence Protector 5

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Service Pack 5.1

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Modification history version 5.1


Products to update


An update is available for:


Licence Protector - Generator and DLL/ COM exe - Version 5.1

Automatic Licence Generator - Version 5.1

License Tester - Version 5.1


Installation Instruction


Automated installation

Select in the program manager group Check for Updates

The update is downloaded and installs the License Generator and the DLL / COM exe files

To update the Automatic License Generator (only necessary if license files are generated) open a support ticket.


Manual Update

Download Version 5.1 (Licence Generator and DLL / COM exe)

Launch lpinstall51.exe

Update eligibility

Free for users of version 5

How to upgrade your files and source code

If you upgrade from version 5 see below - backward compatibility

If you upgrade from version 4 see backward compatibility update version 4 to 5

If you upgrade from version 2 or 3 see How to upgrade from version 2 or 3 - especially how to convert project templates and files from version 2.x / 3.x to version 4.

Backward compatibility

Activation Keys

The LicProtector510.DLL can read all Activation Keys from prior version. It can also create Activation Keys which will work in older versions.


License Files

If a license file is opened, it is automatically converted into the latest file format (5.1) and it can not be opened again with a DLL of version 3 or 4. Only version 5 and 4 license files can be converted automatically.



A version 5.0  DLL can read an Activation Key, which was made with License Generator version 5.1

A version 5.0 DLL can open a license file, which was made with License Generator version 5.1

A version 5.0 License Generator can open a license file, which was made with License Generator version 5.1



Activation Server 6.0


The Activation Server 5 can accept transactions from prior DLL versions

The Activation Server 5 supports all features from Licence Protector 5.0. It is mandatory to upgrade to Activation Server version 5 if the metrics feature, license transfer or license file upload is used


If you use the hosting service, your server will be automatically upgraded.


Automatic License Generator

As the 5.1 creates license files and Activation Keys. See restrictions above regarding format of the file and key.