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Licence Protector 5

This documentation introduces you step by step how to integrate Licence Protector 5.


It explains EasyGo, a technique, developed by Mirage Computer Systems GmbH, to implement licensing and copy protection with just 4-6 DLL calls using professional screens (in multiple languages) and different activation options. It can be combined with all the other Licence Protector 5 features to have all the flexibility you need. As the EasyGo workflow will suit most requirements, it make sense to first check this workflow and then have a closer look at the other Licence Protector 5 options.


Licence Protector 5 requires a Source Code integration. If


Source Code is not available

You do not want to invest much time for licensing

Your application is a standalone application (no DLL, no service)


You can use All-In-One Protector which offers an integration without changing the Source Code (no programming required).


With Licence Protector 5, it is also possible to develop own screens and integrate nearly any bespoke workflow.


EasyGo covers registration


Online registration via Activation Server 6

Registration by e-mail

Registration by fax

Registration by phone

Buy a license online – link to shop


and also licensing:


Copy protection violation

System Date manipulation

Network license

Tamper detection


The built in functionality comes with self-explanatory, clearly laid out and well designed screens.


You can configure which registration and licensing options you want to use, e.g. online activation in combination with e-mail, but not registration via phone and fax. Also the logo and help text can be defined individually or you can use the preconfigured text in multiple languages.


The EasyGo feature reduces the time for implementation drastically and ensures that all major licensing options are covered.




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EasyGo Start Screen