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Licence Protector 5

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This tutorial presents an easy way of learning how to use Licence Protector 5.  


It is designed for developers and anyone else who wants to provide copy protection and licensing.


The Online Tutorial is updated frequently.






Print this tutorial

The Online Tutorial is also available as a PDF document.


You can print this tutorial - click on the link to download PDF file



Offline Help

In case you do not have Internet access, download the Offline Help to your hard disk.

Offline help (CHM)



Update / Upgrade

Service Pack 5.1

Upgrade from version 4 to version 5



Tips and tricks


Configuration file to set important settings without changing the source code (11/2017)

New API command GetSignalState and SetSignalState (11/2017)

New API command for a complete license file download DownloadWholeLic (11/2017)

Send usage metrics

Automatic backup and restore of the license file

New License Viewer in Licence Protector MAC style

Different ways to implement subscription based licensing

Deactivate one single computer in case one key / ID is used on multiple computers

Computer usage report in case one single key / ID is used on multiple computers



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Licence Protector Version: 5.1


This document was updated: 8/22/2018