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Licence Protector 5

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Configuration file - changing settings

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Starting with version 5.,1 a configuration file allows changing settings without the need to make a source code change.


The following settings can be modified:


Share mode for network licensing

Concurrent user level to set options for concurrent user licensing

Enable or disable logging

Enable / Disable backup mode for network license

Timeout for communication with the Activation Server 6

Enable / Disable usage metrics


The configuration file must


be in the same folder like the license file

have the same name like the license file but with the extension .config


Once the values are applied, they are permanent as they are either stored in the license file or in the registry.



License file is in ..\server folder\myapp5.lic

Configuration file would be:  ..\server folder\myapp5.config


Example file
















0, 1 , 2

API command SetOpenShareMode


0, 1

API command ConcurrentUserLevel


empty for off, path to enable logging into that folder

API command SetLogging. The folder must exist. Could alternatively be enabled using the License Viewer


0 = backup off, other value = backup interval in seconds

API command SetBackupInterval


Timeout in seconds

API command SetWebRequestTimeOutInSec


on, off or 3,0

Enables or disables usage metrics. API command SetSignalState



The file can be found in the installation folder: ..\EasyGo\sample configuration.config