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Licence Protector 5

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Automatic backup and restore of the license file

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When using a network license, you should activate the automatic backup of the license file. In case of an read/write error, the license file will automatically be restored.


How is it working?

Licence Protector will create a continuous license file backup (filename.bak) every x seconds. The backup file is only updated when there are changes in the license file. The interval is set with SetBackupInterval and can be retrieved with GetBackUpInterval.


If a read attempt to the license file fails, the backup file is used instead and the original license file is replaced.


By default, no license file is created.


Activate the backup file using SetBackupInterval. Typically use 30 to 60 seconds to update the backup file

Retrieve the backup status with GetBackUpInterval



It is not working when Tamper Detection is enabled

If the ConcurrentUserLevel is set to 1, the concurrent user count could be wrong when the backup is restored