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Licence Protector 5

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license and Registration Screens

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This chapter describes all relevant screens of the EasyGo during the licensing and activation process.


It also covers:


Start options

Time limited evaluation version

No evaluation version - Serial Number needed to start

Evaluation without time limitation

The evaluation version cannot be activated. Full version requires a new installation package


Product Activation

Collect Activation Data

Subscribe to Newsletter

Online Activation

E-mail Activation

Fax Activation

Activation by Phone

Enter Unlock Key


Covering problems during program start

Evaluation Period Expired

Copy Protection Violation - automatic reactivation

Network license deactivated

No free license available

No Internet connection

System date was tampered





The Video Tutorial offers a live demonstration of each activation method.


Start Video Tutorial


The activation dialogs are available in multiple languages

The dialogs need at least a screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixel

It is possible to create own screens and own workflows - see chapter: Custom-made user interface