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Licence Protector 5

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License Viewer - Basic

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This License Viewer displays basic license information and is perfect if the license consists of a single module / feature. The License Viewer is identical to the one in the Licence Protector MAC version.  


It includes


Registered to (customer name)

Serial Number

License expiry date

Buttons to transfer a license or apply an activation key



The License Viewer can be invoked using ShowLicViewerModule.


License Viewer - Trial mode

During trial period, the default customer name set in the project template ( <CustomerName>) is displayed. The field Serial Number is empty.


The button: Activation Key allows to apply an Activation Key, e.g. to prolong the trial version.

License Viewer - product is activated

Once the product is activated, the name of the license holder and the Serial Number is displayed.


Perpetual license (no expiry date)




Subscription license (expiry date)


Only if the full version is a subscription license the expiry date is displayed.



License Viewer - Transfer a license

Once a license is activated, a new button Transfer License appears. The user will be guided through the license transfer.