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CTI Data Connector 


The integration in the Sipgate is available with 3 different connectors


PBX = private branche exchange)



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Cloud PBX with special handset  (Windows and macOS)

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Cloud PBX with special software phone (Windows)

Click to enlarge Connector for ANY software phone / Browser Phone / Desk Phone - Windows and MAC with API integration



Use a Desk Phone from Snom, Yealink - click here for a detail list. Works with Windows and macOS


Use a Software Phone (VoIP Phone - Windows only):   Global IP Telecommunications Ltd (Ninja Pro or Juggler) or Phone Suite CTI Client Standard or from. This software works with all SIP compatible phone systems



Sipgate.IO Connector

Using this connector, a direct API integration with Sipgate is provided. This allows using any software phone (Windows and MAC),sipgate Softphone, sipgate Webphone  as well as any desk phone.


Attention should be paid to


Sipgate charges for the API integration - see

The software phone / desktophone should have an automatic answer function for calls. Software phones tested are Bria Solo or Bria Teams (MAC, Windows, Mobile), Zoiper (Windows, MAC, Mobile), Ninja Pro CTI (Windows)