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CTI Data Connector 5

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CTI Data Connector SoftPhone

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Incoming and outgoing calls are signaled in the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone on the left side of the screen.  As it is a pure Browser based application you have to consider a few things:


The application only works when logged into Salesforce

At least one TAB with the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone must be opened. The CTI Data Connector SoftPhone will then still answer to calls when you are navigating on other web pages or working in other applications. Internet Explorer requires to switch to that TAB while a call is active

Switching between TABs or between different Browser sessions while a call is active and synchronizing the call information like the call note is not supported in all Browsers

Limited support of old Agent Console

The CTI Data Connector SoftPhone is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch. The language, which is configured for the Salesforce user, is used for the  CTI Data Connector SoftPhone


Browser support overview

CTI Data Connector SoftPhone


Depending on the call state, buttons are enabled or disabled e.g. to hold or end a call.


The title bar includes an icon for help and connection status



click on this icon to open the online help

Ready for calls. Connection to Cloud Service and local connector established

Connection to Cloud Service but no connection lo local connector  - check possible errors

No connection established - check possible errors








A green frame indicates an incoming call. If the caller can be identified, the account name and contact / lead name is shown.







Additional fields to display are configured in the SoftPhone layout  , option: If single Account, Contact, Lead found, display



You can can type in a phone note (comment) which is automatically saved in the activity history including the call type (incoming / outgoing call) and call duration.








A blue frame indicates an outgoing call











Subject line of task. Can be configured in Call Center Adapter, Save call as a task



Phone note






Call Result (Wrap Up)

After the call is terminated, you can benchmark the call by selecting a Call Result. This feature has to be turned on in the call center adapter configuration. It is saved with the phone note as an activity and is available for reporting . See Call Center Reports in Salesforce.




Do not save a call


If configured, a button is available to not save a call as an activity. This is handy for personal calls. Select the option: DonĀ“t save call



Anonymous Call


If caller ID is suppressed, the call is signaled as Anonymous. Just navigate to a record like Account or Contact. Depending on the setup, the call is either automatically assigned to this record or you have to click on the Assign button.





Select outgoing phone line

If configured, a picklist allows changing phone lines to display different phone numbers for outgoing calls.



Additional options


Assign a call

Call History list


Available languages

The CTI Data Connector SoftPhone is available in the multiple languages.



The CTI Data Connector SoftPhone uses the language the user selected in Salesforce. If a language in Salesforce is selected, which is not available in the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone, English is used.



For more information about the Salesforce Open CTI search in the Salesforce online help using the search term: Open CTI overview