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CTI Data Connector 

Step 1 - install CTI Data Connector - TAPI Link


Step 2 - install NsoftPhone for Windows

Download NsoftPhone for Windows (not CRM version) -


During installation you have to select to use: NsoftPhone Premium


Once the installation is done, open the settings screen and ensure that the field Outside line is empty.



Required Call Center settings for Nfon

The following settings are required in the  Call Center Adapter


Outside Prefix = 0

Incoming Call - Truncate Prefix = 0;#01;#1


Depending on group option the phone number can be signaled as #0 to #99. You have to define all possible formats used and check the option: Do not truncate long distance prefix.

See Complex Rules



For SoftPhones no Login ID is required. Only if you mix SoftPhones and Desk Phones, you need to use the Login ID also for Softphones. It is the Salesforce ID (E-Mail address)

If you are using Desk Phones, you have to enable the option to use an own Login ID.


After configuring the handdsets, open a ticket in the Support Center with the following information


Direct extension of the Desk Phone. If you configured several Desk Phones specify all extension numbers

Nfon user number ID starting with K

Each Desk Phone needs a unique Login ID. It is possible ot use the Nfon user number (number with K). For security reasons a 20 digit ID is recommended which is known only to you. Generate ID (external Web service). Provide this ID in the ticket for each Desk Phone

Once you get the the Desk Phone activated from support add the Login ID in the user record.






If by mistake the standard version was installed, an upgrade to the Premium version is possible. Details in N-Fon help