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CTI Data Connector 5

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Software Updates

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Update 5.8 (11/2018 - Winter 2019)

Update 5.7 (8/2018 - Summer 2018)

Update 5.6 (1/2018 -- Spring 2018)

Update 5.5  (early release for Skype for Business / Go Connect  10/2016 - final 7/2017)

Update 5.4 (4/2016)

Update 5.3 (1/2016)

Update 5.2 (8/2015)

Update version 4 to 5 (2/2015 - initial release for Open CTI)




If you are unsure, which CTI Data Connector SoftPhone or CTI Data Connector - TAPI Link / CTI Data Connector - Skype for Business Link you have installed, just hover over the headline: CTI Data Connector in the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone. The version number is displayed.


SoftPhone version

The first entry with SoftPhone is the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone application version

Connector or Server version

The second entry is the connector or Server version


TLC (CTI Data Connector - TAPI Link). The latest version is 5.7.2

TLC x.x (uaCSTA) is displayed when an Handset with Mirage uaCSTA Cloud Connect is used. This is for informational purpose only




The  CTI Data Connector SoftPhone application is updated regularly. We recommend checking for updates once per month.