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CTI Data Connector 5

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Install Call Center Adapter

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To install and activate the call center adapter the following steps are necessary.



1. Download the call center adapter configuration file

Download the adapter (right mouse click, save target as) and save it on your hard disk. There is a special USA / Canada (adapter-us.xml) and German (adapter-german.xml) adapter version. For all other countries use the generic adapter.xml


For Skype for Business use: adapter-skype.xml. It has default values required for Skype for Business


Version number is: 5.7.1


If you get the error: There is a limit of 3,000 custom setup for each application then delete older call center adapters which are no longer in use.

2. Add the configuration file to Salesforce

Select: Setup > AppSetup > Customize > Call Center > Call Centers (a Salesforce administrator permission is required. If the option is not displayed, contact your Salesforce administrator)


Click on the button: Import an select the file adapter.xml on your local hard disk


Browser for adapter.xml

Browser for adapter.xml



CTI Data Connector - Call Center Adapter 5 will be added to the call center list


call center list

call center list

3. Configure the call center adapter

Click on the call center adapter.



If you make any changes of the configuration settings, they are not automatically applied to the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone. The following steps are required to apply the new settings:


Click on the connection icon until it turns to red

Click again on the connection icon until it turns to green

Select right mouse click on the blue icon and select Restart CTI Data Connector - TAPI Link

General Information

It is mandatory to change CTI Adapter URL and Mirage Cloud Service

Details how to configure it


Dialing Options

The dialing options configuration depends on the PBX and on the country your are located.

Details how to configure it

Options to save a call

Each call (incoming and outgoing) can be automatically saved as a task / activity including the call duration and a phone note.

Details how to configure it



To rate a phone call, you can activate the Call Wrap Up feature, which  is displayed at the end of the phone call in the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone.

Details how to configure it



Line for outgoing calls

This configuration allows changing phone lines to display different phone numbers for outgoing calls.

Details how to configure it



Presence state

This configuration allows to select a presence state like ready for calls

Details how to configure it



Configure additional features for the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone.

Details how to configure it



Expert Settings

Changes are only necessary in case there are problems with the adapter or you use the Service Cloud

Details how to configure it

4. Configure Softphone Layout


General Settings

The Salesforce administrator can configure the user interface of the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone with the menu option: Softphone-Layouts. It allows you e.g. to define which fields should appear on the CTI Data Connector SoftPhone or general settings for the display of the call.The settings are valid for all users.


Not all functions, which can be configured here, are supported by CTI Data Connector for Salesforce®.


User specific settings

Each user can configure Personal settings: Setup > Personal Setup > Call Center Settings > My Softphone Settings


5. Configure Task Page Layout

All phone calls are saved as a task. To make some special phone fields like call duration accessible for the user, they can be added to the task page layout.


Details how to configure it




If you are running Internet Explorer and receive warnings which say “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely when using the browser” - see Warning mixed content.


For all other errors browse the chapter: Error - Call Center Adapter


Salesforce offers a web page with comprehensive information and questions and answers


For more information about the Salesforce Open CTI search in the Salesforce online help using the search term: Open CTI overview


The integration in Salesforce requires one of the following Salesforce editions: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited oder Developer Edition.