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CTI Data Connector 5

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Install CTI Data Connector - Skype for Business Link

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System Requirements

See: Skype for Business






On each local PC a small application has to be installed - CTI Data Connector - Skype for Business Link. It connects to the Skype for Business client application and sends the phone information to the Mirage Cloud Service.


Configure Call Center Adapter

SoftPhone handles dialing rules must be set to Y

Use Skype for Business must be be set to Y

If incoming calls are signaled with a suffix like - 075255184000;phone-context=enterprise - the option Incoming Call - Truncate phone number at  has to be set to ;


Download CTI Data Connector - Skype for Business Link (version 5.7.0)

Launch the installer only from a local hard disk and not from a network drive

You can automate the installation process

.NET 4.5.1 is automatically installed in case it is missing


Salesforce Login

During the first launch of the application,  you have to type in the Salesforce Login credentials. This is only necessary once. The login credentials are typically the E-Mail address.



The login credentials are saved per Windows Account. Only if another user logs on the same PC using the same Windows account, you have to type in the data again (right mouse click on , select Salesforce Login)


For security reasons a 20 digit ID is recommended which is known only to you. Generate ID (external Web service)

This automatic generated ID consists of numbers and uppercase characters and works with all connectors.

To use this feature you have to enable own Login ID.

Proxy Server

If the access to the Mirage Cloud service is blocked by a firewall, a proxy server can be defined. Proceed as follows:


Edit file C:\Program Files\CTI Data Connector - Skype 4 Business Link\S4BOCTI.exe.config

Add the following configuration



   <add key="ProxyUrl" value=""/>

   <add key="ProxyUser" value="enter proxy user name"/>

   <add key="ProxyPassword" value="enter proxy password"/>




A CTI user license is required

For each CTI user license only 1 CTI Data Connector - Skype for Business Link can be registered