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CTI Data Connector 

The Amazon Connect integration will be available in July 2020. System requirements could change.


CTI Data Connector for Salesforce® integrates directly in Amazon Connect cloud contact center.




Amazon Connect - Explainer Video




The voice part of the phone call is done via CTI Data Connector for Salesforce® in the Browser (WebRTC) - no software phone or desk phone is required. Users without Salesforce can use a the Amazon CCP Browser phone

Extensive routing / IVR options - can be combined with Automatic Call Distribution for Salesforce

Real-time metrics about Queues, Agents and routing profiles

Dynamic voice announcements with Text to Speech

Calls can be automatically recorded

Voice Mail                

Leave a Pre-Recorded voicemail messages for outbound calls

Callback option if someone waits too long in a queue

Post-Call Survey

Amazon Lex chatbot - Automate phone interactions using natural conversational language

Call transfer and conference call

Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic including Sales and Service Cloud Console

Amazon Connect data center is available in various locations (can be selected during setup) - in Europe (Frankfurt, London), US West (Oregon) and East (N. Virginia) region, Asia Pacific (Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo)

Local phone numbers are available for a lot of countries (click here - scroll down to Amazon Connect Pricing, select a data center)

Automatically signal a local country specific phone number for outgoing calls

Supervisor can listen into a call

Single Sign On or Username / Password

Pay as you go - Amazon Connect charges per second after the first minute (in- and outbound calls, no basic fee per user)

99.99% availability


Target Group

Amazon Connect is not a traditional phone system. It is a powerful Omni-Channel cloud contact center, with extremely flexible configuration options. It is most suited for the following use cases:

Call Center - also within large companies only one department can use Amazon Connect while other departments use a traditional phone system

Sophisticated call distribution and IVR is required

Users who work mobile and want to make calls from anywhere with Salesforce

No Software phone or desk phone should be used


Specifics to consider

Internal calls can be done only via an external number (e.g. to a mobile) or per IVR

Voice Mail and other services like call recording require additional setup

Setup of a contact center is more complex like a regular phone system


System Requirements

Latest Chrome or Firefox Browser

Account with Amazon Connect

Any device - Windows / MAC computer or tablet with a Browser Access to Salesforce (Salesforce Mobile App not supported)


Requires a CTI Data Connector for Salesforce® - Amazon Connect Add-On license